Monday, July 30, 2012

Phase III: Draft Working Paper

The collation of reports from the Discussion Paper will help prepare the ‘Draft Working Paper’ for the Consultation. The ‘Draft Working Paper’ will focus on ‘systems’ that will guide Church life i.e. the 8 aspects (relationship with God, family, society, etc)... to fulfill the outcomes spoken of in the first discussion paper (Phase 2). For instance, should we have a CCO at the parish level, or should it be an archdiocesan body having its branch-offices in every parish? Or, perhaps, should we have so many Cells in every parish functioning independently of one another, or should they be clubbed together to make parish life manageable? Or, yet again, how can we reduce the administrative workload of priests so they can focus more on pastoral duties? The Draft Working Paper is scheduled to be prepared by September 1. It will then be discussed at all the above-mentioned fora by September 30. These discussions will serve a two-fold purpose – first, all concerned will get to see that their previous discussions (Phase 2) have been factored into the Draft Working Paper; second, it will provide an opportunity for all concerned to make their comments on this Paper before it is placed on the floor of the Consultation. Responses will be collated by October 30.

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