Monday, July 30, 2012

Phase IV: Consultation Paper

In the light of the feedback received on the Draft Working Paper, it will be revised to arrive at the final Working Paper for the Consultation by November 7. This would be discussed on the floor of the Consultation so as to arrive at the vision-mission-goals-strategies for the Archdiocese. Thus we envisage that the final working paper will be a product of a long drawn process of genuinely listening to what the Spirit is saying – by taking into account the developments in the world and the situation of the Church in Mumbai, the views of experts and grassroots, the concerns of clergy and laity, youth and elderly – a truly collaborative effort, recognizing that all are instruments of the Spirit with their varying roles and degrees of involvement in the Church. This Working Paper will be discussed by the delegates on the floor of the Consultation from November 12-14, 2012.

This is indeed a mammoth effort; but the tremendous and overwhelming support received from all quarters in the first phase assures us that the momentum will be sustained right through. In each parish, the teams have ensured that transparency of the process has been strictly maintained, records have been scrupulously kept, and the scientific method of the survey has been rigorously followed. The Working Committee takes this opportunity to publicly express its sincere gratitude and appreciation to each and every person who participated in the first phase.

Now we are preparing ourselves to move on to the second phase of the process. We will keep you posted with updates on the progress at the end of each phase of the Consultation process.

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  1. The Strategy Papers contain a potpourri of ideas

    The Final Paper must not miss the wood for the trees.
    There are just 2-3 days for discussion.

    Please set the or get the priorities right.

    Most important: the Archdiocese has to set an ethos for change and hierarchy and laity must fuse - no two camps.