Monday, July 30, 2012

Phase II: Discussion Paper

The questionnaires sent out in the first phase dealt with 8 areas of life – relationship with God, relationships within the family, relationship with job /workplace, relationship with neighbourhood /society, relationship with communications technology, relationship with country, relationship with hierarchy, and relationships among laity. The data collated from the responses to these will be the starting point for the next phase – the formulation of the Discussion Paper.

Teams comprising two priests, two religious, two APC representatives, two Commission representatives, two subject-specific professionals, and two youth representatives will be set up for each of the eight areas that have been considered in the questionnaire. Each team will review the findings from the survey in the light of the objectives of the previous Synod and Mid-term Assembly, and link it with the new developments in the world and best practices related to their respective field of analysis. Each team will prepare a Paper to highlight the concerns, hopes and aspirations expressed through the questionnaire, and propose some ways of moving forward, seeking the guidance of the Spirit in the light of Scripture and Sacred Tradition, as also the Magisterial teachings in relevant fields. These papers will thus be ‘outcome oriented’, not merely analytical.

The eight papers will together form the ‘Discussion Paper’ which is expected to be ready by June 15. The Discussion Paper will then be disseminated through the OLCM, APC and SCC network. It will be discussed at the archdiocesan level by the Bishop’s Team, Priests’ Council, College of Deans, Archdiocesan Pastoral Council; Archdiocesan and Deanery-wise Commissions, Committees, Associations and Cells; Priests’ Deanery meetings; and at the parish level by Parish Pastoral Councils, Parish SCC Steering Committees, Parish Council of Associations, and Parish Youth Councils. The findings will be collated by August 15.

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