Monday, July 30, 2012

A Glimpse

Fr. Gilbert de Lima

An update on the process so far.

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the erection of our ‘Archdiocese of Bombay’, we joyfully praise and thank God for all that has been and sincerely seek to discern the voice of the Spirit leading us into the future. And so, to examine how fruitfully we, as individuals and as a community, witness Christ to the world around us, Cardinal Oswald Gracias has called for an Archdiocesan Consultation.

Ten years ago, in January 2001, an Archdiocesan Synod was held in Mumbai at which a blueprint for a ‘Participatory-Servant Church’ was developed. The Mid-Term Synodal Assembly convened in 2006 established specific goals and developed strategies to achieve these objectives. Today, together with the systems and structures in the Church, it is time for us to take stock of ourselves as Church – the progress we have made, the changes in our world that are affecting us, and how we can, more effectively, respond to the `signs of the times’.

To oversee this momentous task, a Working Committee was formed. Those part of this team are: Dr Yolande Pereira (Family Commission), Fr Savio Dominic Fernandes (Curia), Conrad Saldanha (HR), Fr Hilary Fernandes (Director, Muktisagar Prabodhan Kendra), Fr Mario Mendes (SCC and Social Research), Fr Nigel Barrett (Coordinator, Catholic Communication Centre), Fr Anthony J. Fernandes (Director, Diocesan Youth Centre), Fr Barthol Barretto (Dean and Parish Priest of IC Church, Borivli), Jean Saldanha (Secretary of JPC), Sarah Joseph (Youth Representative), Sr Maggie Mathew (Provincial), Melwyn Sequeira (OLCM), and Fr Gilbert de Lima.

Preparation for the Consultation

As we reflected together, we envisaged the following phases that would comprise the process of the Consultation–(1) Survey of the archdiocese to take stock of ourselves, (2)Discussion Paper that reflects the results of the survey and proposes the way forward, (3)Draft Working Paper that collates the results of the discussion paper and puts forth tentative avenues for action, and (4)Working Paper to be taken up at the Consultation itself.

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